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Risk Advice – Electrical Inspection and Testing

Faulty electrical installations (fixed wiring) and equipment are a common cause of fires in commercial and industrial buildings. Read the following risk advice from LV= to understand your legal obligations and how to manage the electrical installation in your premises. LV= have produced a concise guide to the current legal framework and best practice guidelines …

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Firm Fined For Failing To Have Employers Liability Insurance

A Sunderland firm has been fined for failing to hold employers liability insurance that enables employees to claim compensation should they be injured at work. The Health & Safety Executive carried out an investigation following receipt of information that suggested ‘Sun Spirit Ltd’ (a solar panel installation company) was not insured correctly. Following the investigation, …

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HSE Myth Busters Challenge Panel

The Health and Safety Executive has set up an independent panel – the Myth Busters Challenge Panel – to scrutinise seemingly absurd decisions made on health & safety grounds. The Panel uses a pool of independent members with a wide range of interests (including small businesses, public safety, trade union, the insurance industry and many outside …

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Gold Wording of Proof

Experts and the Burden of Proof

In the Caribbean Steel Company Limited v Price Waterhouse decision, the Privy Council has reiterated the principle that expert evidence is required to establish the relevant standard of care in a profession. In what may seem a declaration of common sense, it was held that for a court to find that a professional had breached his duty …

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Fire Alarm

Arson Risk Advice

UK statistics show that arson accounts for 40% of fires in commercial premises and over 20% in residential buildings. This is a very significant risk to homeowners and businesses alike. We thought we’d share with you a recent ‘risk bulletin’ from LV= that gives practical risk management guidance to help you minimise the risk and …

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Summer precautions risk advice

We’re all enjoying the summer sun this year but whilst enjoying the outdoors is great fun, it also presents a degree of risk. No, we aren’t about to suddenly become killjoys and ruin the fun! We’ll leave that to LV= who have put together a ‘Summer Precautions Risk Bulletin’ to help guide us through the …

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Hand Holding Petri Dish

5 Reasons Why You Need Product Recall & Contamination Insurance

Any business that is manufacturing a product and selling it to a third party has a product recall exposure. Pet food, bread, salad, lawnmowers and luxury cars are just some of the UK product recalls that have been reported. You can protect your business against the cost of a recall incident with a Product Recall …

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Insurance Risk Management Highlighted

The Perils Of Under-Insurance

Without realising it, many businesses are risking their survival and making it very difficult to bounce back successfully from a major loss. The problem is under insurance. Zurich have recently written about the problem and we have reproduced their article below. This issue is one we raise frequently and we hope that by highlighting the …

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Magnifying Glass Of Graph

New Figures Show Fall In Fatal Injuries To Workers

The number of workers killed in Britain last year has fallen, official statistics published today show. In welcome news from the Health & Safety Executive, the number of workers killed in the UK has fallen from 172 in the year to March 2012, to 148 in the year to March 2013. The rate of fatal …

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