Premium Finance

Spread the cost of your insurance premiums

If you want the flexibility to spread the cost of your insurance premiums then premium finance is the easiest way.

Premium finance is a loan that allows you to spread the payment of your insurance premiums over a period of time, typically 6 or 10 months, allowing you to manage your cashflow more easily.

Premiums from as little as £100 can be funded in this way and you can have as many policies as you wish under the same Premium Finance agreement (or you can have separate agreements for each policy if you prefer).

Who is premium finance for?

Anyone who wishes to spread the cost of their insurance premiums rather than paying in full up front. Both personal insurance policies and commercial policies can be financed in this way, or indeed, a mixture of both.

Is there much paperwork?

We access the premium finance systems online via our office so paperwork is kept to a minimum. In the outset you will be required to sign an agreement form, which will be sent to you in the post, however, at renewal time if you wish to continue using Premium Finance there will be no need to sign a new form (unless your circumstances change).

Am I tied to my insurance company?

No. premium finance is completely independant so you are free to choose the policies and Insurers you wish, and there is no need to sign a new agreement form if you switch insurance companies at renewal time.

How do I renew my insurance?

We will invite renewal in the normal way, just advise us that you wish to use premium finance as your payment option.

How do I pay?

All monthly instalments are paid by direct debit. If a deposit is required we will discuss this with you. There are a number of options available regarding the number of instalments and deposit payments so we can discuss this with you to best suit your needs.

How much will I pay?

Premium finance offers competitive rates of interest and these can be found in our terms of business or you can contact us for a quote or to discuss further.

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