Engineering Insurance

The need for Engineering Insurance

It is certainly true that businesses cannot carry out their work effectively without such things as machinery, plant, computers and other electronic equipment. For the smooth running of your company and to provide protection for these important assets against a wide range of risks you, should consider the myriad benefits of choosing to buy Engineering Insurance.

What can the Policy Cover?

Engineering Insurance policies can offer coverage for a number of different eventualities, including the breakdown of computers, electronic equipment and machinery, plus the deterioration of stock. In order to mitigate the risks and keep your operations in full flow you can decide on help from engineering inspection services.

Both small and large risks can be insured by this policy. Whether your risks derive from plant, machinery or construction; high tech equipment or computer installations; this can all be covered under the one engineering insurance policy.

There are also additional options that can be considered to cover an even wider range of risks, accounting for all possible contingencies, so you have the perfect insurance solution for your business.

The various product features associated with engineering insurance

When you consider the product features available with this type of policy, you are generally covered for the following:

  • Damage to installed machinery – this includes the temporary hire of replacement property following damage.
  • Owned and hired plant.
  • Engineering business interruption – loss of profit or revenue against accidental failure, breakdown, public supplies or due to sudden or unforeseen damage (SUD).
  • Contract works machinery plus machinery movement.
  • Electronic equipment – all risks cover for music / recording and medical equipment.
  • Computers – all risks cover regarding data records and hardware, with extensions including increased cost of working (ICOW) and the reinstatement of data (ROD).
  • The deterioration of stock (DOS) – this will cover foodstuffs or products kept in chillers, deep freezers and cold stores against temperature changes due to supply failure or breakdown.

A Flexible Solution for Engineering Insurance

Engineering Insurance policies provide flexible solutions aimed at meeting your specific business needs, protecting your company and giving you the level of coverage you require.

Access to well-known UK insurers

If you decide to go ahead and use our broker service to find quotes on engineering insurance, you can rest assured that you will be able to select from policies offered by the leading insurers in the UK.

Alternative ways to make payment

There are also flexible payment options available for customers, such as premium finance.

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