Fleet Insurance

A tailored fleet insurance policy

If your business owns and uses two or more vehicles, you can now get convenient insurance cover under just one single policy. You may be a sales company or haulage firm, for instance, needing to find suitable protection for a group of vehicles, in which case you can benefit from a fleet insurance policy tailored to your individual needs.

Even if the cars, vans or LGVs are leased by your business, this type of insurance will provide the right level of cover that you require.

Insurance cover for small fleets

This level of cover is typical for those who need to find a policy for between two and twelve vehicles. Cars, motorcycles, goods carrying vehicles and other special types of vehicle can be protected under a single small fleet policy.

Insurance cover for larger fleets

A large fleet policy is designed for companies with thirteen vehicles or more. This policy can include haulage vehicles and hire cars. There is no upper limit of vehicles that can be covered and a number of options are also available to make this a bespoke solution for your business.

Why get fleet insurance from a broker

When you make the decision to purchase cover for your group of vehicles by using a leading independent broker you will save time and money that can be put to good use elsewhere. Through access to the leading insurance providers in the United Kingdom you can circumnavigate all the usual hassle associated with buying insurance.

A variety of product features available

Following is a range of the excellent product features and benefits you can get with this type of policy:

  • An exceptional claims service
  • Cover for personal effects, medical expenses and personal accidents
  • Replacement vehicles
  • ‘Duty of Care’ cover
  • Any driver or named driver options
  • The cost of replacing locks
  • Cover extension for travel to the EU and other selected countries
  • Uninsured loss recovery
  • Optional breakdown cover
  • We also have a number of flexible payment options available, including premium finance. Contact us today to discuss how you can spread the cost of your insurance premiums.

Motor Insurance Database (MID)

As all vehicles now need to be listed on the Motor Insurance Database, you need to ensure that all details are present. While it may be the responsibility of your insurer to record the vehicles on the system, you should still check that this is the case. For more information with regard to the MID, please click here.

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