Landlords Insurance

Landlords Insurance

It is vital that Landlords have adequate Landlords Insurance in place. A Household policy will not cover a Landlord for third party risks.

Don’t take unnecessary risks

Landlord's liability insurance

As a Landlord you are responsible for the safety of the property that your tenants are living in. This means that should a tenant harm themselves due to something dangerous in the property they can make a claim against you for damages.

For example, a tenant may electrocute themselves on a faulty light switch and badly burn their hand as a result. The Landlord Liability cover will pay for any damages that are awarded to the tenant as well as all legal costs.

Property insurance

The building itself is insured against most risks such as flood and fire for the cost or repair or rebuilding. Even risks such as terrorism or subsidence can normally be purchased as optional extras for added security from most insurers.

For further information on setting the correct buildings sum insured, or if you need a professional valuation, please contact us now.

Contents insurance

For a Landlord’s insurance policy, when an insurer talks about insuring contents they are not talking about the tenant’s contents. Insuring these is the responsibility of the tenants themselves and can be done through a normal home insurance policy.

The contents that you can insure are items that you own in the property but which may become damaged such as carpets, sofas, tables, chairs and pictures if you are renting the property as furnished.

Many insurers also insure communal contents which will cover contents such as those named above which are situated in communal areas in blocks of flats, or properties with multiple types of tenants.