Office Insurance

Office Insurance

Office Insurance is designed to cover your business against risks such as fire, flood or burglary all the way through to a member of the public falling over and injuring themselves.

What Is Office Insurance?

An office insurance policy will protect you against any unexpected events such as a flood, burglary or fire (just to name a few), which can have a devastating effect on your business and finances. 

An office policy can be split into two different types: 

Business buildings insurance covers your premises against any accidents. This is inclusive of fixtures and fittings such as shelving, kitchen units and fixed display cases. 

Business contents insurance protects your office contents and and workplace equipment against damage, destruction, loss, or theft whilst on your business premises. 

Policy Details

Who Needs Office Insurance?

If you are a business owner who has a physical office space, you should insure both your building and contents. A loss of premises can mean a loss of earnings, missed deadlines and may cause a damaged reputation. By having an office insurance policy, you are ensuring that your business can keep going, even when the premises is out of action. 

What Level Of Cover Do I Need?

Everybody will require a different amount of cover dependent upon the type of premises and it’s contents. You can tailor your policy to ensure that you getting the exact cover that you require. To get the ball rolling, think about how much your assets are worth and what a day of lost productivity would cost. 

Policy wordings can differ

Policy wordings can differ between insurers. We recommend that you refer to us for advice regarding any aspect of policy cover. Alternatively read your policy schedule and policy wording to ascertain the full level of cover provided and any significant exclusions.