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Professional indemnity insurance policies for IT Consultants are available to buy on our website and also via our office. They offer cover designed specifically for the IT sector to protect you and your business from a range of claims with premiums starting below £80.

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Key Features of cover

We offer a range of IT specific policies from a panel of insurers all of which are designed for the IT sector. Online you can choose from two of these insurers and as an example of the type of cover available for IT Consultants we’ve set out the main sections below:

Claims made against the Insured for legal liability arising from:

  • Breach of professional duty;
  • Breach of a contract to design or supply deliverables such as software, hardware, firmware and other
    electronic equipment. (Many insurers exclude this under their general products exclusions);
  • Libel or slander;
  • Unintentional breach of confidentiality;
  • Unintentional infringement of intellectual property rights. (Many insurers limit this cover to
    copyright only);
  • Loss of or damage to digitised data and other documents;
  • Dishonesty of employees;
  • Any other civil liability.

Cover is also extended to provide:

  • Virus cover should the Insured inadvertently pass on a virus to an independent third party, assuming that it
    has not been created by the Insured. The standard sub-limit for this is £500,000 in the aggregate but we
    can extend this upon request.
  • Irrecoverable Fees. Often claims can be avoided (and therefore business relationships saved) by
    consideration being given to waiving outstanding fees owed. Where it can be shown that the pursuit of such
    fees would result in a greater counter-claim then the cover allows us to work with the Insured closely and
    potentially reimburse the outstanding fees.
  • Data Protection cover. This relates to the legal costs incurred to defend a criminal prosecution under the
    Data Protection Act.
  • The legal costs of prosecuting claims for infringement of the Insured’s intellectual property rights (sub-limit
    £25,000 in the aggregate).
  • Defence costs (lawyers, court costs, experts etc) which are payable in addition to the Indemnity Limit.

Professional indemnity policies do differ slightly from one insurer to another so please call us if you have a specific requirement.

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If you have any queries regarding the online quote system please call us on 01270 252 252 and we will happily guide you through it.


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