We have over 30 years experience of helping clients resolve claims quickly and efficiently. We appreciate that the circumstances leading to a claim are often very stressful, that’s why we’re committed to ensuring that you receive all the help, reassurance and assistance you need.

Professional Indemnity Claims

When it comes to a Professional Indemnity claim, you need to notify us of any claims or ‘circumstances’ that may develop into a claim against you immediately.

It is usually easy to identify a claim as there will often be a clear indication from a claimant of their intention to claim compensation against you. This can be in the form of allegations of negligence conducted by you/your company and will establish some form of actual or potential loss.

If you become aware of a claim, or you identify a state of affairs that might develop into a claim (a ‘circumstance’), it is vital that you do not do any of the following, as by doing so may affect your right to be indemnified under your policy as a result of prejudicing your insurers’ position:

  • Admit liability
  • Make any offer to settle the problem
  • Incur any costs or expenses without your insurers’ prior approval
  • Reply to any correspondence from your client or a third party. Forward the correspondence to your insurer immediately so that they can discuss the appropriate response with your insurers, as all replies have to be authorised by your insurers.
  • Take any action which might prejudice your insurers position or their ability to examine the problem.
  • Disclose details of your professional indemnity policy, your insurers, or reveal to the claimant that the problem has been reported to your insurers.

Information Required

  • Details of claimant
  • Details of your contract
  • Details of claim or circumstance 
  • Details of your response 
Folder in Catalog Marked Requirements

Professional Indemnity Claims Form

Download a copy of our Professional Indemnity claims form and send a completed copy to

All Other Claims


Obtain all possible info straight away

Vital to the claims process is the details of what happened. Collate the basic necessary information first and we’ll be able to process your claim so much faster.



Notify us of the incident

In certain cases, a claim form is required. If this is the case, we will forward one to you as soon as we are notified of the claim.


We begin to work on your claim

We’ll let you know what else we need and if necessary, instruct the appropriate engineers or third party companies to deal with the relevant parts of your claim.