Professional Indemnity Insurance For New Business Startups

You’re starting up a new business and you know that you need to arrange professional indemnity insurance, but how do you arrange cover?

We can help you to get cover in place easily. In fact, if you are proposing to trade within any of the 100+ trades that we quote for online you can actually arrange the cover immediately without further referral to us or an insurer.  Click on this link: professional indemnity insurance online quote to get a quote or to buy the cover. Our system will allow you to pay for the policy online (either credit/debit cards or direct debit) and receive your full policy documents via email immediately following payment. It’s a pretty painless process (even if we do say so ourselves!).

If your business isn’t catered for through our online system, we suggest you initially complete our one page professional indemnity enquiry form. This is a cut down version of a full insurance proposal form which the majority of our insurer panel will usually accept when providing quotations. It’s a quick and easy way for you to give us the relevant information that we need to get you a quote. If insurers need more information from you we can liaise with you to sort that out later.

What information do professional indemnity insurers need from you as a new startup business? This is a good question, but thankfully the answer is pretty basic. They need to know what you plan to do in your business (a % split between different activities is really useful to them), how much business you estimate that you will do (estimated gross fees or turnover) and the qualifications of the persons that will be doing that business. In addition to that, your contact details and we should be able to get things moving for you.

There aren’t any major difficulties to arranging professional indemnity insurance for a startup business so long as all of the relevant information can be made available. If you would like us to help, please give us a call or send an email.