Professional Indemnity Myths

8 Common Professional Indemnity Insurance Myths

Professional Indemnity Insurance can be a complex subject, and there are a few common misconceptions that arise as a result. Within this blog post, we will explain the most common misconceptions surrounding professional indemnity insurance, which should hopefully provide you with a better understanding of this type of insurance policy. “I have not charged for …

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Construction Professional Indemnity Insurance

Securing Construction Professional indemnity insurance – John Heath’s Top Tips

Within the UK construction industry over the last few years, there have been various large-scale disasters, such as the Grenfell catastrophe, COVID-19 and a series of devastating natural disasters caused by climate change. A huge rise in professional indemnity claims has caused a toughened professional indemnity insurance market in the construction sector. It has been …

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Group Of Management Consultants

Management Consultants – Common Professional Indemnity Risks

Management and business consultants are often put under pressure to work miracles, whether that be turning around a weakening business or transforming the operations of an inefficient organisation, there can often be unrealistic expectations. Businesses are frequently inclined to sue their advisors if things do not work out, potentially resulting in costly legal fees for …

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Defamation Definition On Vocabulary Page

What is Defamation?

Defamation is the action of damaging the good reputation of someone – the umbrella term for libel and slander. A person is said to be defamed when someone else publishes words or matter which have caused, or are likely to cause, substantial harm to a person’s reputation. The use of the term ‘published’, however does …

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Businessman Tapping World Icon

Professional Indemnity Insurance – Can You Work Internationally?

It is becoming extremely popular nowadays for international business to be conducted on a day to day business as it is all part of our modern global economy. However, it is important to bear in mind that this can have an impact on your professional indemnity insurance – or, more specifically, your professional indemnity insurance …

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Pen Mark On Calendar Date

What is Retroactive Cover?

Concerned about cover for the work you have done in the past? If you are, then you need to make sure that your policy has the correct ‘retroactive date’. Most types of insurance cover you for claims that occur from the start date given on wards only.  This has to be the case otherwise insurers …

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Value For Money Icon

Is My Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote Good Value?

Professional Indemnity insurance can be a difficult concept to get your head around, as it protects you from claims of negligence. Unlike many types of other insurance, such as car or property insurance, there’s no physical asset to cover. Therefore, there is no tangible value or definite, potential loss to consider. This means that it …

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Web Developers Working On Website

Why Do Web Designers Need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

In this day and age, every business has a website. A website is a crucial part of a business’s customer engagement, and therefore not any old website will do. Clients will pay a web designer good money to design something that not only works and looks good but gets them business too. If a website …

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Frequently Asked Questions Text

Professional Indemnity Insurance FAQ’s

Professional indemnity insurance can be an important type of cover that you may wish to obtain if your business provides advice or a professional service to clients. Below we have answered some of our most popular questions about this type of cover – take a look below to see if you can learn anything new! …

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