'Claim' Written On Notepad

Professional Indemnity – Claims and Circumstance

When it comes to a Professional Indemnity claim, you need to notify your Insurers of any claims or ‘circumstances’ that may develop into a claim against you within the timescale stated within your policy. It is usually easy to identify a claim as there will often be a clear indication from a claimant of their …

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Insurance Concept

A Summary Of The Insurance Act 2015

What Is The Insurance Act 2015? The Insurance Act 2015 is a legislation that came into effect on 12th August 2016. The act is designed to make insurance clearer and fairer by clarifying rules relating to your relationship with your insurer, including when your insurer is allowed to reject a claim. The Act itself however …

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Building Insurance advice

Building Insurance – How Much Cover Do You Need?

Table of Contents Many property owners still widely hold the belief that the market value of their property is the amount that they should insure their property for. Rarely will you find that the market value is the same as the rebuild cost of the property, which could leave the property owner under insured in …

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'Civil' Written On Wooden Block

What Is Civil Liability?

Civil liability is very much part of everyday life as civil matters concern ordinary citizens, their rights and their protection. In its simplest terms, civil liability means the responsibility for actions and practices that could damage others, but which aren’t criminal. They are therefore not pre-meditated or against the law. Instead, civil liability concerns the …

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Architects Working On Plans

The Importance Of A Written Design Brief For Architects

We discuss why Architects should always prepare a written design brief for their projects and what can happen if this is overlooked. Table of Contents A recent Technology and Construction Court decision has highlighted the risk for architects (and their professional indemnity insurers) of failing to agree a design brief with their client in writing.  …

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File Folder Labelled As Claims

What Is The Difference Between Aggregate Cover And Any One Claim?

Professional Indemnity policies often appear to all be the same, offering similar levels of cover and generally covering the same twelve-month period. However, when looking at differing insurance policies, it is important to know whether cover is being provided for “in the aggregate” or “any one claim”. The amount of money that your insurer will …

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Walkie Talkie Building

Potential PI Claim – Walkie Talkie Skyscraper

The new ‘Walkie Talkie’ skyscraper, located on London’s Fenchurch Street, reflected a 70 degree beam of light onto cars below. Light beamed off the new flagship skyscraper, which is due to house some of the City’s top insurance firms shortly, and melted parts on a parked Jaguar below. The wing mirror and badge melted in …

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Weather Signpost

Met Office Launch Claim Check To Assist Insurers

Storms cause havoc after July’s heatwave for parts of the UK. With this in mind, the Met Office have launched ‘ClaimCheck’ to assist Insurers with claims resulting from flooding and other severe weather. This July’s heatwave was a welcome break for many from the unsettled weather we’ve experienced over the last few years. The recent …

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Police Force Claims Settlements Graph

Is There A Claims Culture In Emergency Services?

Our guess is that PC Kerry Jones didn’t expect the kind of media furore that she encountered after filing her claim for compensation recently. Falling over a garage kerb whilst on duty, she later submitted a claim for damages in respect of personal injuries suffered. The case was seized upon by the media and generated …

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