Accountant Using Calculator

Why Do Accountants Need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Within any profession in which a business is providing advice or a service to a client, it is highly recommended that this type of professional should obtain professional indemnity insurance. Accountancy is one of those professions, and we’ll discuss within this article why accountants need professional indemnity insurance, what a policy can protect them from, …

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Photographer Holding Camera

What Type Of Insurance Does A Photography Business Need?

What Insurance Is Required By Law For Photographers? Public Liability If you are a member of the British Institute of Professional Photography or Master Photographers Association, obtaining public liability insurance is compulsory. When you are working out on location or at a client’s premises, if someone is injured, or their property is damaged, you could …

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Female Businesswoman Working At Desk

Office Insurance To Cover Your Business

Commercial offices face risks every day of the week from fire and flood, no matter where they are located, but there are insurance products available to help you keep your business running whatever happens.

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Engineer Welding in Workshop

5 Steps To Help Reduce Accidents In The Workplace

How Can Businesses Look To Reduce The Chances Of Accidents In The Work Place? 1. Health and Safety If you run a high risk business, it is important to appoint somebody with knowledge and expertise in this area to manage health and safety 2. Construct a Health and Safety Policy For Your Business This will …

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Stack Of Money Between Gavel

Firm Fined For Failing To Have Employers Liability Insurance

A Sunderland firm has been fined for failing to hold employers liability insurance that enables employees to claim compensation should they be injured at work. The Health & Safety Executive carried out an investigation following receipt of information that suggested ‘Sun Spirit Ltd’ (a solar panel installation company) was not insured correctly. Following the investigation, …

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Construction Site

Construction Site Tragedy Highlights Need For Liability Insurance

Watkin Jones & Son Ltd was the principal contractor during the building of the Menai Centre in Bangor. Thomas Whitmarsh, 21 was working for a company that was sub-contracted to carry out roof work at the site. In December 2009, Mr Whitmarsh fell 6 metres through an unguarded opening in the roof to the floor …

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Employers Liability Written On Paper

Employers’ Liability Insurance: Protecting Yourself And Your Employees

Unlike other types of professional insurance where cover is optional and dependant on the needs of the business, employers’ liability insurance is required by law. So, if you have employees, you are legally required to have at least a minimum level of liability cover. Protecting Your Employees The reason this insurance cover is compulsory is …

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Professional Liability Insurance Document

What is Professional Liability Insurance?

If you’re running a business then you need to have professional liability insurance. With a multitude of risks facing you it can be difficult to decide exactly what cover you need but without liability cover you leave your business open to claims from both employees and members of the public. Professional Liability insurance is a …

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Volunteers Collecting Food Donations

Why Even Charities May Need Professional Insurance – Pt.2

We’ve already looked at the types of professional insurance policies charities may need in order to protect both money and assets (pt.1), but what about the people associated with the organisation? Although not a business in the true sense of the word – as charities don’t operate for profit – charities do have staff and …

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