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Why Do Accountants Need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Within any profession in which a business is providing advice or a service to a client, it is highly recommended that this type of professional should obtain professional indemnity insurance. Accountancy is one of those professions, and we’ll discuss within this article why accountants need professional indemnity insurance, what a policy can protect them from, …

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Accountancy Papers

Professional Indemnity Cover For Accountants

Getting the numbers right might not be enough if advice to clients is deemed to be negligent. That’s why accountants need professional indemnity cover to protect their business and reputation.

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Must Accountants Help Avoid Tax?

Are accountants now under a duty to help avoid tax? You might be led to believe so if you have seen details of the recent  Mehjoo v Harben Barker case. The case highlights the importance for accountants to accurately detail the terms of their appointment by clients and in addition, the requirement to have sufficient Professional …

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