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What Is Directors & Officers Insurance and Why Is It Needed?

As a company director, there are a variety of responsibilities placed upon you to act with care, in good faith, within the law, to act in the best interests of the company and indeed a responsibility to ensure that other Directors also do the same. Therefore, a claim may arise against you potentially if someone …

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When Are Company Directors Personally Liable?

Directors and Officers Insurance (also known as Directors Liability Insurance, D&O Insurance or even Management Liability Insurance) provides an indemnity to directors and senior officers for failure to act according to the best interests of the company, for breach of companies rules and regulations, and indeed any other alleged wrongful act. Taking the right Directors …

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Directors and Officers Insurance

Taking the right Directors and Officers insurance isn’t about avoiding blame, it’s the best way to ensure that you are protected from claims of actual or alleged wrongdoing.

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Construction Site Tragedy Highlights Need For Liability Insurance

Watkin Jones & Son Ltd was the principal contractor during the building of the Menai Centre in Bangor. Thomas Whitmarsh, 21 was working for a company that was sub-contracted to carry out roof work at the site. In December 2009, Mr Whitmarsh fell 6 metres through an unguarded opening in the roof to the floor …

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DMI Ltd Case Highlights Requirement For Directors & Officers Insurance

In a case before the North Tyneside magistrates court on 21st September, DMI (UK) Ltd were found guilty of breaching section 2(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 for failing to provide a safe system of work. The case related to serious burns suffered by their employee, Michael Reid, who was drenched with …

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A Liability Insurance Warning For Directors And Officers

Being the head of a company or organisation means that you have a great deal of responsibility for how the business operates, but it also exposes you to countless legal risks. Directors and CEOs are more vulnerable to lawsuits and other legal issues because they are the decision makers in the company, the people who …

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Insurance Cover For Directors And Officers

With a high-ranking, decision-making position within a company also comes a great deal of responsibility, as well as some degree of risk. This is why directors and officers need to be doubly certain that they are covered in the case of legal disputes and investigations over negligence, fraud or other wrongful behaviour, especially as the …

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Why Directors and Officers Cover Is Essential For Mergers Acquisitions and Insolvency

It’s no surprise in the current economic climate that there is a flurry of mergers, acquisitions and insolvencies. As the recession shows no signs of disappearing any time soon, it is worthwhile re-iterating the fact that where these events occur, directors and officers of the companies concerned face potential exposure to claims for alleged breach …

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