Vanessa Perroncel sues media outlets for defamation

Vanessa Peronncel, the model accused of having an affair with England and Chelsea footballer John Terry, reportedly said she is suing media outlets who ran the story for defamation, as she claims it never happened and that her character has been publicly damaged.

This story was all over the newspapers and gossip magazines when John Terry’s ‘super injunction’ was lifted back in January of this year, with allegations being made that Perroncel, 33, and married Terry, 29, had a four-month affair. The model now says the stories are untrue, that herself and Terry were just good friends.

Speaking to Grazia magazine, Perroncel said:

“What we had cannot be described as an affair, it was a friendship. Not one word of what was written about me was true.”

She claims she was too scared to speak out and deny the claims at the time, but she is now suing media outlets for defamation and breach of privacy. Nearly every national newspaper ran the story at some stage or other, meaning there may be a large number of professional indemnity cases if the court finds in Miss Perroncel’s favour.

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