Why Do I Need Event Liability Insurance?

There are countless aspects involved with organising an event, be it a corporate or hospitality event or even a high-profile wedding. Organisers often think that they can breathe a sigh of relief once they’ve finished planning and running a big event – but what happens if you are sued by one of your guests?

This is where event liability insurance comes in. This policy is a type of public liability insurance, covering event organisers and associations should anything go wrong on the big day. This can be anything from trips and falls, burst water pipes and flooding to the actual cancellation of the event.

As you can imagine, legal costs and compensation claims can be extremely expensive, as can the costs incurred from cancelling or relocating an event (providing the cause is beyond the organisers’ or participants’ control). Even a postponement of just one day, or a guest injuring themselves on a loose wire could equal a significant monetary loss.

Event organisers need financial protection should any of these calamities occur. Professional insurance is the only sure-fire, coverall solution – unless you want all of your hard work and investment in an important event to go to waste.

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