Mechanic damages £200K Ferrari on MOT test

A young mechanic from Surrey has crashed and severely damaged a Ferrari worth around £200,000 when taking it out on the road as part of its MOT test.

The mechanic – who has not been named in the local press – was driving the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti supercar on a dual carriageway when the incident occurred. Either unused to the power of the vehicle (it can reach 60mph in just four seconds) or showing off, the driver lost control and ended up in the centre of a roundabout after hitting a lamppost and then a two-foot wall.

The mechanic, reported to be in his twenties, was taking the car for a test drive as part of the MOT process for the garage he worked for. Ferrari have been quick to say that the garage was not one of their official dealers.

The owner of the car is understandably devastated about the incident, as his expensive and prestigious supercar has been severely damaged. As the car was in the care of the garage as part of the service they offer, it is expected that they will have to pay for repairs and possibly a temporary replacement vehicle using their motor trade insurance if they have a policy in place.

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