Hospitality Industries – What Professional Insurance Cover Is Available?

The hospitality industry can be one of the most demanding and problematic to work in, especially if you hold full responsibility for the business as the owner or manager. Juggling day-to-day operations as well as dealing with your finances leaves you with little time to prepare for unexpected setbacks, but it can actually be as quick and easy as taking out a comprehensive professional insurance policy.

In order to meet the rigorous demands of the industry, there are a number of new, more flexible policies available that are specifically tailored to hospitality businesses like bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes, hotels etc.

Essential Components Of Cover

• Damage to property and outside areas
• Money kept on the premises (in the tills, gaming machines etc)
• Assault
• Employers liability – absolutely essential for businesses with staff, especially where manual work or hazardous situations are involved
• Legal expenses
• Public liability and product liability

Personalise Your Policy

Once these essentials are in place, you can then add some extra options to your policy so that it meets your business’ specific needs. Choose extra cover for:

• Dishonest conduct from employees
• Loss of licence
• Personal accident

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