New York bank sued for overworked employee

The London branch of Bank of New York Mellon is currently embroiled in a lawsuit filed by a high-level employee, who claims he was overworked by the company.

James Lazarus, the former head of the BNY Mellon Corporations’ London executive office, alleges a number of serious complaints against the company. These include excessive workload, bullying and a chaotic approach to work. Mr Lazarus claims that these contributed to the high levels of stress, depression and insomnia he experienced during his time at the company, leading to two prolonged periods of sickness absence.

In the lawsuit, Mr Lazarus accuses the financial corporation of failing in its duty of care towards him as an employee. He has produced evidence demonstrating that he warned his employers via email that he was struggling to cope with his workload and senior responsibilities, once in 2007 and then again in 2008. One of the emails sent in September 2007 reads:

“We are all working ridiculous [sic] and unbearably hard…and for me at least it has to stop.”

Mr Lazarus is now seeking to claim £1 million from Bank of New York Mellon for work-related stress. If successful in court or settled out of it, Mr Lazarus’ payment for damages could be met by either Commercial Legal Expenses cover or under an Employment Practice Liability extension on a Directors & Officers insurance policy.

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