Music producer Timbaland settles copyright infringement lawsuit

The successful music producer Timbaland has reportedly agreed a settlement with composer David Cortopassi over a copyright infringement disagreement.

Cortopassi alleges that the producer illegally sampled his song ‘Spazz’ – originally recorded in the 1960s by The Elastik Band – on his 2007 controversial chart hit ‘Throw it On Me’ taken from his Shock Value album. Cortopassi filed a copyright infringement against Timbaland, claiming that he used parts of his track without permission.

Timbaland’s song, which also featured The Hives and the rapper Attitude, was a commercial success and sold over one million copies. It also garnered more revenue after being featured on an advert to promote Verizon’s Voyager phone.

The latest reports suggest that a settlement agreement between the two parties has been reached, although the details of the deal and the amount in damages have not yet been disclosed.

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