First Google Books lawsuit set to drag on for months

As expected, search engine company Google have been sued over their controversial new Google Books service. The first lawsuit comes from Chinese author Mian Mian, who filed a copyright infringement lawsuit over the reproduction of her provocative novel Acid Lover on Google Books.

Mian Mian is demanding 60,000 yuan from Google’s already-beleaguered team, as well as an official apology. She alleges that the company infringed her copyright by copying and digitising her book, making it available for users to download. Mian Mian is being supported by the Chinese Writers Association. Copyright infringement is generally covered by professional indemnity insurance, so lets hope Google has deep pockets or appropriate insurance.

Saying that Mian “only wants justice”, the complainant’s lawyer has explained that she will only be satisfied if Google admits copyright infringement, although she is negotiable on compensation settlements.


Google representatives have responded to the allegations by saying that they removed download links for Acid Lover as soon as they received a complaint from Mian Mian, and that only a fragment of the book is now was available for users to view.

Mian is suing Google for damages regardless of their response to her complaint and as settlement talks have now failed, the case is set to drag out for a number of months.

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