US homeowners demand compensation for Chinese drywall disaster

A class action lawsuit in the US over allegations that Chinese-imported drywall caused considerable home damage has now gathered as many as 152 claimants in three Homestead neighbourhoods, whilst the number of complaints to the Consumer Product Safety Commission over the product nationwide has reached approximately 3,300.

The case has only recently been granted class action status rather than resolving cases on a home by home basis, allowing courts to speed up the justice process.

The drywall was installed in a number of new homes in the US after a particularly nasty hurricane season in 2004/05 and during the housing boom. Since then, thousands of homeowners have complained that the product makes their houses smell like rotten eggs, some even claiming that the drywall is responsible for nosebleeds and breathing difficulties. These reports could be attributed to the fact that some brands of Chinese-imported have been found to emit significant quantities of hydrogen sulphide.

Companies who may have to rely on product liability or professional indemnity insurance during this case include:

• South Kendall Construction Corporation
• Palm Isles Holdings
• Keys Gate Realty
• Banner Supply

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