What Is Commercial Combined Insurance?

Businesses face numerous legal risks from all quarters these days, risks which could sink smaller scale enterprises if the right insurance is not in place. However, it can be expensive to take out a professional insurance policy to cover each of them individually, which is why many insurance companies offer commercial combined policies covering a wide range of risks associated with your profession.

If you find the right forward-thinking, reputable company, you should be able to get a bespoke policy which exactly matches the demands of your business.

For example, you could take out a professional indemnity policy to cover lawsuits arising from errors and omissions in day-to-day, then pay for separate coverage for employee injury compensation claims, possibly adding on yet another policy for buildings and contents. This would be complicated, expensive and unnecessary, especially when you can get everything in one with a personally tailored insurance product.

By specifying exactly what you need from your insurance policy and having a bespoke policy created for you, you can simplify the process by having all of these covers provided under one policy helping you to enjoy peace of mind that you are covered in nearly every legal situation.

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