Apple sued in the US over iPhone 4

In what is likely to be yet another claim on the company’s professional insurance (assuming they have product liability cover), technology giants Apple are being sued over problems with the iPhone 4.

The lawsuit against Apple was a class action complaint filed in the United States District Court in Maryland, USA, by a number of iPhone users.

The problem, according to the legal papers, is that the newest generation of the iPhone has some defects and technical issues and that Apple knew about them when releasing the device for sale. These include a yellowish tint on the screen and limited reception when holding the device a certain way. The lawsuit says that the chief complainants Linda Wrinn and Kevin McCaffrey:

“…began to experience significantly reduced reception and performance when handling the phones as demonstrated in Apple’s advertisements or as a reasonable person would handle a mobile telephone while making phone calls, browsing the Internet, sending text messages, or utilizing other services provided by the iPhone 4.”

Although Apple has suggested that users hold the phone in a different way or buy a rubber case as a solution, the plaintiffs are seeking significant monetary compensation and want Apple to stop selling iPhone 4 models with defective antennas.

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