New figures show employment tribunal claims have risen by 56 per cent

According to new figures published by the Tribunals Service, the number of compensation claims made of bosses by disgruntled former employees has risen by around 56 per cent in the last year.

In this period, covering England, Scotland and Wales in the last twelve months up to March 2010, there were 236,000 claims against employers heard at employment tribunals. This is a significant increase from the previous year’s figures, where 151,000 cases where reported.

Amongst these figures were numerous complaints from employees, including:

Unfair dismissal – 57,400 claims, increased from 52,700 in 2009)
Age discrimination -5,200 claims, an increase from the 3,800 reported last year
Inappropriate consultation before mass redundancies – 7,500 claims reported, a decrease in the number of complaints from the 11,400 complaints in 2009

The clinical director of employee discrimination programme Right Corecare, Kevin Friery, commented on the findings, saying:

“Now is the time for employers to take a close look at the psychological contract with the workforce and to take serious steps to eliminate discrimination and to introduce transparency in all dealings with employees. Employers also need to acknowledge that staff who work excessive hours are not more productive; they are more tired, more stressed, more alienated and more likely to make mistakes.”

Employers should also remember that although professional insurance to cover the costs of these kinds of legal disputes is recommended; employers’ liability cover for personal injury claims brought by employees is legally required.

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