New York band Vampire Weekend embroiled in lawsuit over album cover

The popular New York band Vampire Weekend may have just scored a number one album with their latest offering, Contra, but they are also facing a serious legal battle over the album cover.

A $2 million lawsuit has reportedly been filed against the band and their record label XL (who it is presumed will cover litigation costs with their professional indemnity insurance, if they have any) by model Ann Kirsten Kennis. She claims that her image is used on the cover for Contra without her permission, and that the release forms for the photograph were forged.

Kennis is also implicating photographer Tod Brody in the suit. He claims he took the photo of Kennis back in 1983 and has had it in his possession until he delivered it to Vampire Weekend, but Kennis’ lawyers allege that it was actually taken by her mother.

The record label has subsequently released a statement asserting that they did formally licence the rights for the image. They seem confident of their ability to fight the allegations, with an XL spokesperson saying:

“We look forward to having the matter resolved in court,”

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