Disqualified mechanic crashes customer car

Just weeks after losing his licence, a mechanic at a garage in Aberdeen crashed a customer’s car into another vehicle.

Garage worker Charles Munro, 26, took the Ford Focus Ghia – owned by Susan Cruickshank and her husband Richard – for a test drive after working on fixing the brakes. The test drive ended in a head-on collision with another vehicle, leaving the car in a severely damaged state. The couple who own it believe that even compensation from Mr Munro will not cover the costs of buying a similar vehicle.

It was later discovered that Mr Munro had been disqualified from driving a few weeks earlier but the garage he worked for, Tyre Services, claimed that they didn’t know about his ban. The owner of the garage, Brian Brechin, said:

“He lost his licence in May. It’s only because of the accident that we found out. We had to dismiss him.”

Mr Munro was also charged with driving without insurance, implying that Tyre Services had no motor trade insurance in place or that Mr Munro’s disqualification had invalidated their professional insurance coverage.

Mr Munro has admitted the charges against him, and has received a deferred sentence.

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