American Airlines disputes lost baggage lawsuit

In a move likely to add to their legal bills and increase their professional indemnity insurance (if any) American Airlines is disputing the charges brought against it in a recent lawsuit over a lost bag.

Danielle Covarrubias is suing the airline for failure to deliver her luggage on time, and for refusing to refund a baggage fee. She reportedly paid $25 to check in her bag at a Seattle airport when flying to Grand Rapids in Michigan, changing planes in Chicago due to an unexpected cancellation. She arrived at the destination on time, but her bag arrived a day late.

Ms Covarrubias claims that she contacted the airline about a refund for the check-in fee but they refused to refund it. American Airlines is disputing this allegation, saying:

“We at American Airlines have not been able to find any record of Ms. Covarrubias ever contacting or speaking to us about her delayed bag, a possible claim, or the subject of checked bag charges,”

A large corporation like American Airlines is likely to have some specialist form of professional indemnity insurance in place to cover litigation costs of lawsuits like this, and it may come in useful as they are disputing the allegations and dragging the case out even further.

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