Who Needs Professional Indemnity Insurance?

If you think that your business is safe from lawsuits and other legal disputes because it isn’t in the financial industry or is of a small size; you couldn’t be more wrong.

In today’s society, any and all types of business can be sued by disgruntled customers or unsatisfied business associates. By providing a service or a product (i.e. normal business practices) you effectively leave yourself open to the risk. Small or medium-sized businesses are especially vulnerable, as they simply don’t have the cash or expansive legal team to fight complaints.

All of this isn’t great news, especially for small enterprises, but it has become an unavoidable part of running a business nowadays.

Protection Against Lawsuits

Despite this risk of unexpected lawsuits lodged against your business, there is no reason why you should be left defenceless. There are many new types of professional indemnity insurance products available nowadays, each one specially designed for every type of profession or industry. For example, you can get tailored professional insurance for:

• Private Investigators
• Environmental Consultants
• Photographers
• Hairdressers
• IT Consultants

These insurance policies are mainly to cover the legal costs of mistakes made on your company’s behalf (i.e. loss of documents, mishandling of a case or any other type of professional negligence) or even to cover the costs of disputing untrue allegations made against you. Whatever the circumstances, these cases can become very complicated very fast, so you need comprehensive professional insurance cover in place from the outset.

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