NHS needs an extra £3bn to settle negligence claims

The NHS estimates that it will need an additional £3bn to settle negligence claims that will be made in the next 10-15 years. This takes the total estimated cost of negligence claims for that period to £15bn.

The NHS Litigation Authority says that these rising costs are diverting funds from patient care. Court costs also often outstrip the damages being paid to patients making a claim.

The last financial year saw a 10 per cent rise in the number of claims being made with 6,652 being submitted. The Medical Protection Society says that it has settled its four highest-value claims of all time during the last year at a total cost of £8m.

The medical industry is far from being the only area where businesses need appropriate insurance cover. Anyone supplying professional services where people are acting on your advice will need professional indemnity insurance. Accountants, architects, engineers and anyone who offers consultancy will need such cover. Similarly, every business has a duty of care to ensure that members of the public are not endangered or injured while on their premises.

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