Google Sued Over Alleged Nexus One Connectivity Problems

As a corporation, Google has faced numerous lawsuits and legal disputes over the last few years. It is therefore likely that the internet giant already has a comprehensive professional insurance policy in place to cover the costs of fighting the latest allegations.

Google is currently facing a class action lawsuit over connectivity problems with their Nexus One handset. Disgruntled users are claiming they weren’t warned that the device was not compatible with T-Mobile’s 3G network, which was not designed to provide consistent connectivity for Google’s new handset.

It is claimed that customers were only able to achieve 3G connectivity for a small amount of time, if they could connect at all. As well as expressing the complainants’ dissatisfaction with Google’s customer service teams when dealing with problem, the lawsuit states:

“Google either knew, should have known, or was obliged to understand, that the Google phone could not consistently perform at a 3G level contrary to Google’s representations,”

The lawsuit, spearheaded by chief complainant Nathan Nabors on behalf of residents of Florida, comes after hundreds of 3G customers complained of connectivity problems when the Nexus One was first released.

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