Why Even Charities May Need Professional Insurance – Pt.2

We’ve already looked at the types of professional insurance policies charities may need in order to protect both money and assets (pt.1), but what about the people associated with the organisation?

Although not a business in the true sense of the word – as charities don’t operate for profit – charities do have staff and they do deal with the general public. This is where insurance to cover accidents and injuries comes in.

Employers’ Liability Insurance

Even if your charity has voluntary workers who don’t get paid, you still need to ensure that they can work in a safe environment. Should employees become ill or injured whilst at work, the charity may be held liable and forced to pay compensation or fines due to health and safety breaches.

This is why, similarly to businesses, some level of employers’ liability insurance cover is legally required for charities which have employees.

Public Liability Insurance

This type of insurance covers the same type of personal injury as employers’ liability, but for visitors and members of the public becoming injured on charity premises rather than staff. It isn’t legally required, but it is highly recommended. If someone is injured, suffers loss or damage on charity property, the compensation payout could be costly.

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