Man wins £250,000 in compensation following injury at work

A man from Halstead in Essex has been awarded £250,000 following a serious injury whilst at work in November 2008.

Peter Snowling, 50, was loading sacks of peas on to a lorry when the accident occurred. He lost his footing and fell from the lorry’s ramp, causing serious and life-changing spinal injuries. His injuries – including three crushed vertebrae and a fractured skull– have left him unable to work, although the firm in question have tried to find the father of two an alternative role.

In an out-of-court settlement, the firm has awarded Mr Snowden £250,000 in compensation for lost earnings, as he is unlikely to be able to work within the same field again.

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, around 15 per cent of all major transport injuries are caused by handling accidents. In addition, the organisation found that musculoskeletal disorders were one of the main reasons for employee ill health at work.

This incident shows that although employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement for all businesses; it also makes good business sense and helps to protect your employees. If an employee should become injured or ill whilst at work and your company is found to be liable, you could be facing huge costs or fines unless you have the right professional insurance in place to cover it.

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