BT To Be Sued For Liability In Shrewsbury Explosion

Following a serious explosion in Shrewsbury town centre earlier this year, the National Grid is alleging that BT is to be held liable for professional negligence. As a result, three businesses affected by the blast are considering legal action against the company in an attempt to claim compensation for the losses they suffered.

The incident occurred below a Bridge Street shop in Shrewsbury, causing serious damage to the building and many other town centre properties. In a solicitor’s letter, the National Grid has reportedly named BT as at least partly responsible for the incident, although details of this are as yet unknown.

The National Grid letter does, however, make mention of victims of the explosion and the claims for compensation they will be pursuing. One of these is Kiley McDonnell, who is pursuing a personal injury claim after falling rubble from the explosion left him paralysed.

Representing local businesses affected by the explosion is Jeff Anderson, the owner of Bodytech Health Club. Speaking of his intention to claim for compensation, Mr Anderson said:

“We’ve lost £45,000 through the explosion which is an ongoing loss.”

Due to the seriousness of the incident, BT (with the support of a professional insurance policy, it is assumed) may be facing hefty compensation payouts if the company is found to be legally liable for the incident.

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