What Is The Difference Between Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance?

We’ve been asked many times about the difference between Public Liability insurance and Professional Indemnity insurance so hopefully this brief article will assist if you have a similar query.

Public Liability insurance covers you if you cause injury or damage to a third party or their property. This could be for example, a customer trips on loose flooring in a shop and suffers an injury, or as a consultant you work in a clients premises and spill coffee on their computer equipment causing damage.

Professional Indemnity insurance protects your business against claims for errors, omissions, professional neglect for both the principals and their employees, libel and slander, malicious falsehood, passing off copyrights, breach of confidentiality, and negligent statement or actions. This cover is invaluable for a wide range of professionals such as Architects, Accountants, Consultants, Estate Agents etc.

So, Public Liability protects you against injury or damage and Professional Indemnity insurance protects you against professional negligence claims.

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