Music Manager Kilkenny Sues Associated Newspapers In Libel Claim

Ossie Kilkenny, the Irish financial advisor who has worked with the likes of U2, The Verve, Bryan Adams and more recently, Susan Boyle, is reportedly suing Associated Newspapers for a defamatory article about him that appeared in the Daily Mail last March.

The story in question, centred on the Britain’s Got Talent singer Susan Boyle, was entitled “Family at war over SuBo’s millions”. Kilkenny, 63, claims that the story paints his past dealings as being dishonest and showing a lack of integrity, as well as alleging that he has a track record of dissolved companies.

Kilkenny goes on to say that the Daily Mail story used these allegations to insinuate that he might exploit Susan Boyle and her newly-amassed fortune. The story also uses a photo of the financial manager, captioned with ““Battling: Ossie Kilkenny (left) represents Susan, but some mistrust him”.

Kilkenny claims that this story not only damaged his professional reputation, but that it also caused him considerable personal embarrassment and distress.

The financial manager is suing the owner of The Daily Mail, Associated Newspapers, for over £300,000 in unlimited damages, which the publishing company will presumably cover with their professional indemnity insurance for libel cases should it lose the case.

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  1. Good luck Ossie.
    It’s time that people defend themselves against these filthy, vile tabloids.
    When will the public ever wise up and stop buying them, and even worse believing them?

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