What Type Of Professional Insurance Is Suitable For Restaurants, Pubs and Hotels?

In today’s litigation and blame culture, it makes smart business sense to take out some form of professional insurance to protect your company’s assets and reputation. Certain types of business are more vulnerable to lawsuits than others, such as those involved high-risk finance deals or those working within the customer service industry.

Customer service businesses providing a service to the public, such as bars, restaurants and hotels, are at particular risk from legal action for a number of reasons. These include issues such as:

Product Liability – If something you sell injures someone or damages property, or simply doesn’t fit the product description, you could face product liability issues.

Public Liability – A customer sustaining an injury after tripping over an uneven section of flooring in your establishment has every right to sue you for compensation.

Employers’ Liability – It is a legal requirement for you to have at least a minimum level of employers’ liability insurance cover in place, in case one of your employees should become ill or injured whilst at work.

Luckily, there are specialist insurance solutions available for each of these issues. However, for other issues specific to the hospitality industry, such as theft, assault, business interruption and damage to external property, you may need to consider a more comprehensive professional insurance package.

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