More than 200 people join Brazilian Blowout product liability lawsuit

The makers of the Brazilian Blowout, a hair straightening treatment that has enjoyed widespread popularity throughout America, Canada and the rest of the world, are set to face a class action lawsuit which has more than 200 complainants signed up so far.

The treatment, which the makers claim uses a “Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex” to relax hair and smooth out frizz, has been accused of containing approximately 12 per cent formaldehyde. This is 60 times the amount legally permitted in cosmetic products, and has caused Health Canada to issue a health and safety warning against the product.

The lawsuit was launched by stylist Kimberley Ryley, who works in the Canadian province of British Columbia. She claims that every one of the 225 clients she used the treatment on complained of negative side effects including a sore throat, burning eyes and a runny nose, with more serious problems named as shortness of breath and hair loss.

The law firm representing the 200 people now included in the class action lawsuit expects more than a thousand to join in the coming month. This means that unless the makers of the Brazilian Blowout treatment have some form of product liability or other professional insurance, they may be facing an enormous compensation pay out if their product is found to be dangerous.

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