McDonalds sued over customer bathroom injury

In yet another case that demonstrates just how important professional insurance for public liability is for companies nowadays, a woman in Canada is suing McDonalds after having an accident in one of fast food restaurant’s bathrooms.

Holly McDermott is alleging that in January 2009, she suffered serious injuries after a toilet stall door fell on her in the ladies’ bathroom of an Edmonton McDonalds restaurant. She says that as she went into the cubicle, the door came off its hinges and fell on her.

As a result of the incident, McDermott says she sustained injury to her head, neck, shoulder, upper back, ribs, arm and many other body parts. She also claims that it caused the onset of post-traumatic stress disorder, leaving her unable to live her life and work as normal.

In recompense for her alleged injuries and traumatic experience, McDermott is pursuing McDonalds for $300,000 in a public liability lawsuit, believing that the restaurant’s managers were negligent in not maintaining the cubicle doors. She is also asking for $300 in special damages, to cover rehabilitation treatment and medication, as well as transport to medical appointments.

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