FilmOn Faces Copyright Infringement Lawsuit From US TV Networks

Although only just launched in the US, the HD TV video streaming website FilmOn is already facing a copyright infringement lawsuit supported by the most powerful companies in the American TV industry – the TV networks.

Huge broadcasters such as NBC, Fox, ABC, Disney and CBS have reportedly backed the lawsuit, claiming that FilmOn is streaming their shows illegally and profiting from it.

FilmOn, a UK-based service which streams TV programmes and films online on a subscription basis, has only just launched in the US. It offers subscribers the chance to view programmes from premium channels normally found on cable and satellite TV services.

It is for this reason that the owner of FilmOn, Alki David, refutes the allegations made against the company. As well as confirming that he contacted the TV networks before launching the service in the US, but received no reply, David says:

“Without a doubt, the Copyright Act upholds what we are doing.

“There is no difference between the Internet and satellite. There’s little difference between having a digital television box (and having television delivered through a computer).”

With such formidable opponents to overcome in what will likely be a lengthy and expensive court case, it is hoped that FilmOn has some form of professional insurance in place to cover the costs.

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