Rock Band Paramore Sued For Copyright Infringement

The American pop-rock band Paramore are reportedly facing a copyright infringement lawsuit from a virtually unknown band over one of their hit singles.

Tenspoke Indies from Florida are claiming that Paramore’s hit song The Only Exception steals from parts of their own track Starlighter. The lawsuit, filed in the US District Court in Pennsylvania, states that the two songs share noticeable similarities:

“…including but not limited to, similarities in the introductions, arrangements, the chord progression, the key, the melody, the lyrical theme, the rhythm and tempo of both songs.”

Tenspoke Indies allege that they sent the song to Fueled by Ramen, Paramore’s record label, in 2006 in order to try and get signed. The band also say that they had performed Starlighter live in concert on a number of occasions and included it on an earlier album called Blinded by Sound. Paramore’s The Only Exception was released in September 2009 as part of their latest album, Brand New Eyes.

In recompense for the alleged copyright infringement and the label’s refusal to credit the band for the song, Tenspoke Indies are seeking $75,000 in damages.

If successful, the record label is likely to pay the band their compensation using its professional insurance, should they have cover for copyright infringement in place.

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