Street cleaner’s compensation claim led to £100,000 legal battle

The way in which court costs can escalate was highlighted in eye catching fashion by a recent case where a street cleaner took his employer to court after sustaining a finger injury.

Even though the victim himself only received £3,000, the ongoing legal battle escalated to such an extent that his employer, a local council, faced a £100,000 bill for which they will hopefully have employer’s liability insurance.

While working as a street cleaner, the man damaged his finger as a result of sharp metal that was contained inside a bag of rubbish. It sliced through his tendons and his little finger is now permanently crooked. He made a compensation claim, saying that the gloves given to him to carry out his work were of insufficient quality and unsuitable for the task he had to carry out.

The case went to three hearings and culminated in three of the country’s top judges delivering a verdict at London’s Civil Appear Court, finding in his favour. Even the victim himself is staggered that costs could be so high over a finger injury.

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