Landscape gardener blinded in work accident sues employers for compensation

A landscape gardener from the West Midlands town of Walsall has filed a claim for compensation against his employers after he was blinded in an accident at work.

Ashley Brabbin, 25, was using a ride-on mower on a grass verge at Wyrley Birch Allotments in Erdington when the accident occurred. Although he says he checked for debris before commencing the task, he was struck in the right eye by a flying metal object as he started to mow the lawn.

Mr Brabbin has been left blind in the eye following the incident, and he may have to be fitted with a glass eye.

As Mr Brabbin’s employers, a Chorley-based green services provider, failed to provide him with adequate safety protection (in the form of protective eyewear) as he carried out the potentially hazardous task, he is holding them liable for his life-altering incident.

He has filed a claim for compensation, which the company will have to pay using their employers’ liability (a legal requirement for all UK businesses with employees) should Mr Babbin win his case.

Mr Babbin’s lawyer has recently commented on the progress of his case, saying:

“Ashley’s case is a long way off settlement, but liability has now been admitted.”

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