Setting Up A New Business: Why Insurance Is A Vital First Step

Starting a new business from scratch is always a huge challenge, especially for first-time business owners. There are so many things to set up, plan and organise it can be difficult to know where to start.

An absolutely essential element you must give high priority to on your list is professional insurance. You may have already arranged cover for your business premises and its contents in case of fire, damage or theft, but what about every other risk facing your business in the years to come?

There is no getting away from it; we live and work in a society where litigation and compensation claims are commonplace. Amongst many other complaints, you could be sued for:

• An employee injury at work
• A mistake made by you or an employee, where a client suffers a loss as a result
• A member of the public sustaining an injury on your premises
• A product you manufacture injuring someone

No business, however large or small, is 100% safe from being sued.

How To Protect Your Business

To protect your business from the financial costs of litigation, and to ensure that your business isn’t crippled by legal fees or compensation payouts before it even really gets off the ground, consider one or all of the following professional insurance solutions:

• Professional indemnity insurance
• Employers’ liability insurance (legally required)
• Public liability insurance
• Commercial legal expenses insurance

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