Why Professional Insurance Is Essential For Pubs And Bars Celebrating Bonfire Night

This time of year is always a risky one for hospitality, food and drink businesses, especially those which celebrate Bonfire Night with fireworks displays and public bonfires. There are so many extra risks to worry about, with accidental fire damage and arson being top of the list for business owners.

This is why before next weekend’s festivities, pub, bar and hotel owners should take extra measures to protect their premises, staff, stock and customers.

In addition to stepping up fire safety precautions, business owners should consider taking out one, all or a combination of the following professional insurance solutions:

Public Liability Insurance – This protects you against compensation claims made against you by a member of the public who has sustained an injury on your premises. This could be anything from a trip or a fall to a firework or bonfire related injury.

Employers’ Liability Insurance – You should have this insurance in place already, as it is a legal requirement for you to have at least a minimum amount of cover in case employees are injured or become ill while at work.

Business Insurance – Choose the right comprehensive policy and your building, stock, on-premises cash and other assets will be covered against fire, theft, accidental damage and vandalism.

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