Gerard Butler Sued For Trademark Infringement Over ‘Evil Twin’ Company Name

Hollywood actor Gerard Butler is reportedly facing a trademark infringement lawsuit over the name of his production company, Evil Twins Entertainment.

The Scottish film and TV star has been sued by the owners of a company with a similar name, Evil Twin Productions, who are seeking damages in the case.

In the lawsuit, filed last week in Los Angeles, Evil Twin Productions founders Harri Mark and Kristen Armfield claim that they registered the trademark ‘Evil Twin’ back in 1996. The production company has been operating under that name ever since, working on promotional material for films such as The Dark Knight and High School Musical 3.

The lawsuit alleges that Butler’s company, founded in 2008, infringes on the Evil Twin Productions trademark with its name. Mark and Armfield also claim they and their staff have received numerous calls for people trying to contact the actor’s company, and cite inconvenience due to this mix-up as a major part of the lawsuit.

Due to this and the allegation that Butler’s company is attempting to profit on the back of their established trademark, Evil Twin Productions is seeking $2 million in damages and an injunction on the name.

It is presumed that both production companies have taken the precaution of getting professional insurance cover for infringement cases such as this.

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