HSE waste industry injury study worries employers

Employers in the waste management and recycling industry are expected to be a little concerned this week, after the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) published a new study revealing that the industry is four times more dangerous than any other.

According to HSE statistics, 416 employees out of every 100,000 in the waste and recycling industry sustain and injury or are killed whilst at work. This ratio is believed to be four times higher than the industry average (102 out of 100,000), although the figures are improving compared to previous years.

Whilst four people were killed at work in the waste and recycling industry this year, this is down from the seven reported in 2008/2009. Injuries have dropped 10 per cent, from 590 last year to 530 in 2010.

Despite these improvements, employers in the waste management industry are still likely to be worried. However, with the legally required employers’ liability insurance in place and by stepping up health and safety measures, businesses should be able to protect themselves and their employees.

Alongside this kind of professional insurance, businesses may also want to consider taking out public liability insurance as well. Although not legally required, it could prove very important, especially as the HSE report also reveals that three members of the public were killed this year in waste and recycling industry-related incidents.

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