Intel And WiLAN Settle Patent Infringement Lawsuit

According to the latest reports, WiLAN and chipmaker Intel have settled an infringement lawsuit over a number of Internet and wireless patents.

The case was filed by WiLAN back in October 2007, and accused Intel of infringing wireless and Bluetooth patents. After three expensive years of litigation (although both companies are likely to have professional indemnity insurance for infringement disputes), the case has finally been settled out of court.

The settlement payment has been kept quiet, but it is believed to be “substantial” – according to the CEO of General Patent Corporation Alexander Poltorak. The payments will reportedly be made by Intel via a multi-year licence for the WiLAN patents.

Although the dispute with WiLAN is now settled, the company has said that it still intends to go ahead and pursue technology giants Apple, HP and Dell over similar patent infringement issues.

Poltorak has commented on the likely outcome of these cases, based on the Intel result. He said:

“When the biggest defendant settles, it starts a domino effect and everyone else follows,”

The Canadian company is also suing cable companies Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable and Comcast Corp for allegedly infringing Wi-LAN patents relating to their modem and cable systems.

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