The Importance Of Event Insurance For Exhibition Organisers

Event insurance is important for any high-profile or large-scale event, particularly one which involves a large number of participants.

Trade shows and exhibitions are the key examples of why event insurance is so crucial. These occasions involve a great deal of planning and coordinating, in order to bring together hundreds of high-profile exhibitors and potentially thousands of visitors and guests.

A setback, accident or injury during this kind of large-scale event – which may take months to plan – could be disastrous. This is why professional insurance specifically covering the risks involved with events should be the first thing that exhibition organisers check off their list.

Risks Related To Exhibitions – What Could Go Wrong?

A few examples of the kinds of risks exhibition organisers may need insurance cover for include the following:

• Legal claims for accidents and injuries – e.g. if a visitor should trip and fall over a loose cable, or an exhibition stand falls on an important guest
• Damage to property or the venue caused by the event or its participants
• Postponement or cancellation of the event
• Failure of utilities such as water, heating, electricity, lighting etc.

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