Motorola Xoom Tablet Faces Infringement Lawsuit On Day Of Release

Motorola’s brand new Android-based Xoom tablet has been hit with an infringement lawsuit over its name on the very day it was released.

The lawsuit was filed earlier this week, on Wednesday 23rd February, at the US District Court of North Carolina by an online payment company called the Xoom Corporation. In the legal document, the firm asks that a permanent injunction be granted in order to stop Motorola from using the name Xoom for their tablet. The Xoom Corp. is also asking for “triple damages” for Motorola’s “wilful and intentional conduct” in the matter.

The timing of this lawsuit has had some experts in the industry confused, as the Xoom Corporation is a large company that has been trading for a number of years. It is believed that Motorola, with the aim of avoiding a professional indemnity issue, should have been aware of the clash and changed the name of the product.

The Xoom Corp claims that it has been operating under the Xoom name since as far back as 2003, whilst Motorola is only reported to have registered the trademark for its tablet in October 2010.

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